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Cyber-Physical-Social Systems Can Impact a Changing Environment Article 31 imagery thumbnail

Cyber-Physical-Social Systems Can Impact a Changing Environment

The concept of Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSS) has emerged as a powerful framework for tackling the impacts of climate change by integrating digital technologies, physical infrastructure, and societal dynamics.

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Digital Technologies are Backbone of an Energy-efficient Industry 4.0 imagery.

Digital Technologies Are the Backbone of an Energy-efficient Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the concept where digital technologies integrate into industrial processes. The continuous innovation in technology within the framework provides opportunities for the development of smart manufacturing solutions.

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Using Computer Vision to Better Understand Our World imagery

Using Computer Vision to Better Understand Our World

Computer vision technology allows for the integration of data from various sources, providing a holistic and comprehensive understanding of ecosystems that enables informed decision making and policy development.

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Glasgow Embraces Sustainability Article 28 imagery

Glasgow Exemplifies how Cities can Embrace Sustainability

Challenges are acknowledged, but with a robust commitment to constant evolution, Glasgow stands poised to inspire cities globally to embrace change and usher in a greener, more sustainable future and net zero by 2030.

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240208 Autonomous Cars Transform Cities Article 27 slide thumbnail image

Autonomous Cars Transform Smart Cities with Cutting-edge Tech

Advancements in AI, sensors, and connectivity propel autonomous vehicles in smart cities. Real-time data, 5G communication, and precise navigation redefine urban mobility, promising safer, efficient, and sustainable transportation.

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Sky from above Earth imagery for Article #26 300x200px

IEEE Young Professionals Take a Leading Role at COP28

The role of the IEEE Young Professionals Climate and Sustainability Task Force revolves around fostering engagement and leading initiatives that address climate change–related challenges and potential solutions.

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COP28 Flag

Past President Rahman Leads IEEE Delegation at COP28

2024 IEEE Past President Saifur Rahman reflects on his participation at COP28 that underscores IEEE’s collaborative commitment to helping bring substantive solutions to the impacts of climate change around the world.

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Tech’s Role in Understanding Plant and Soil Health for Sustainable Farming imagery

Tech’s Role in Understanding Plant and Soil Health for Sustainable Farming

Precision agriculture is revolutionizing the way farmers approach crop management and soil health. By providing real-time data, smart technologies empower farmers to make informed decisions that contribute to more efficient agricultural practices.

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Article #23: Wine in barrels imagery.

The Perfect Blend: Engineering & Winemaking

Technology is playing a crucial role in improving winemaking, leading to more sustainable practices. What we learn in winemaking is transferable to other agricultural applications that can benefit the world’s populations.

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Hydrological Cycle Image

Technology is Pivotal in Reshaping Freshwater Security

The water cycle is an ongoing and dynamic process that ensures the availability of freshwater on Earth. It is essential for sustaining life, maintaining ecosystems, and providing a continuous supply of water.

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Article 21 Carbon Emission Imagery Thumbnail

Innovative Ocean Engineering is Vital for a Sustainable Future

Ocean engineering is at the forefront of sustainable solutions for some of the most pressing environmental challenges. Innovative techniques are helping to reduce emissions as well as safeguarding oceans and waterways.

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Article 20 - Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

Harnessing Healthcare Technology for Greener Patient Wellbeing

Healthcare technology is proving to be a powerful ally in the fight against the impacts of climate change. From reducing carbon emissions through telemedicine to leveraging predictive analytics for early disease detection, healthcare tech is helping us adapt to a rapidly changing world.

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Article 19 Healthcare Technology imagery

Healthcare Technology Plays Role to Mitigate Impact of Climate Change

The impact of climate change poses significant challenges to our world, affecting not only our environment but also our health and well-being. Technology is playing a vital role in healthcare to mitigate these impacts.

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Article 18 connectivity imagery thumbnail

IEEE 802®, Foundation For Connectivity And Climate Change Mitigation

Beyond the role of enabling fast, reliable, and high-quality communication, IEEE 802 standards have also played a significant role in enabling ubiquitous digital connectivity and thereby supporting many aspects of the reduction of carbon emissions.

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Article 17 imagery #1

Harnessing Digital Connectivity and 5G to Support Clean Tech

Digital connectivity has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and interact with the world. Technology advancements such as 5G are emerging as powerful tools and proving critical in enabling smart infrastructure for a cleaner future.

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Article 16 Smart City imagery

Engineers Keep Smart City Systems Secure From Cyber Attacks

By utilizing interconnected technology, Smart Cities improve the lives of their citizens. The increased reliance on digital technologies and interconnected systems also exposes critical infrastructures to cyber threats.

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Technology Coupled With Citizen Awareness Brings Smart Cities to Life

Smart Cities successfully integrate advanced technologies, such as advanced transportation and waste management, with data-driven solutions to promote environmental sustainability while enhancing the quality of life of citizens.

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Smart Cities imagery for Article #15

Smart Cities Rely on Smart Infrastructure to Make People’s Lives Better

Smart Cities help urban environments to develop and grow by using modern technology, including data-driven solutions, that provide a sustainable, resilient, equitable, and privacy-respecting community for its inhabitants.

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EV charging imagery for article 14.

Blockchain Technology Deployed in Support of Energy Transfer Among EVs

Blockchain technology can incentivize and promote sustainability efforts by creating robust tracking and accountability mechanisms, ultimately contributing to the global goal of reducing carbon emissions.

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Biodiversity Imagery (Earth)

IEEE Young Professional Studies Big Data to Predict Climate Variations

As a young researcher in Urban Microclimate Change, learn more about how Pooja Shah is committed to using purpose as a driving force for impactful action.

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Satellite monitoring of Earth’s weather from space. Artist's rendering/NOAA

Analyzing Big Data Provides Foundation for Climate Modeling

Big data analysis helps identify patterns, trends, and correlations that facilitate informed decision making and effective strategies. Successful analysis requires using algorithms across high-quality data from disparate repositories. Image source: Artist’s rendering/NOAA

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Article 12 Battery Imagery

Innovations in Battery Technology are Critical to Clean Tech Future

Advancements in battery technology are increasingly focused on developing clean tech solutions. Improved battery manufacturing processes reduce reliance on scarce raw materials and enhance recyclability of existing batteries.

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Data center imagery for Article #11

Intelligent Data Management Supports Sustainability

The rapid advancement of technology has led to a staggering increase in digital content. Managing data and cloud services is key to reducing the carbon impact.

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Cargo ship, sun, blue sky imagery thumbnail for Article 10

Electrification Offers Cleaner Maritime Transportation

Electrification of the maritime industry is a promising trend that could revolutionize the transportation industry that sustains the world’s economies.

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EV Truck and charger imagery.

Electrified Infrastructure Provides a Bright Future for Transportation

Electrification of the transportation infrastructure is one of the most promising solutions to reducing carbon emissions.

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Small-Scale Power Generators Critical for a Resilient Energy Grid imagery

Small-Scale Power Generators Critical for a Resilient Energy Grid

The use of distributed energy resources (DERs) and microgrids is integral to provide a flexible and resilient energy system that can help meet the growing demand for clean energy.

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Expanding Energy-Storage Needs with Hydrogen

The drive to reach the Paris Agreement targets by 2050 requires a variety of alternative fuel sources. There is growing interest in hydrogen as a viable fuel source. Many are calling for hydrogen to be part of future energy sources.

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Artificial Intelligence Turns Construction Into Smart Buildings

AI is being deployed to better understand a building’s current and future energy efficiency, as well as how society interacts with the structure. It is an example of the intersection of technology and society working together for a common good.

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Biodiversity Imagery (Earth)

Artificial Intelligence Critical in Supporting Biodiversity

Biodiversity is critical to the ongoing health of humanity and the planet. Living in a delicate balance with nature, it is critical that we manage the balance to avoid catastrophic disruption. AI is an essential tool in supporting biodiversity.

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Renewable energy imagery thumbnail

Engineers Are the Creative Minds Behind Critical Climate Tech Innovations

As we put electrification into transportation and other industrial processes, we will build new industries and new companies.

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Understanding a Holistic Approach to a Low-Carbon Energy Future

Yves Bamberger, noted energy expert, was invited by IEEE President Saifur Rahman to participate in an IEEE Board of Directors strategy retreat to share insights about low-carbon electricity and how it can be managed for the future. IEEE members can play key advisory and education roles.

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CES Logo

Engineering Innovations Highlight Climate Change Mitigation at CES 2023

The transition to new energy solutions will be a massive shift, and it is crucial that it be balanced against the continuing need to provide reliable and affordable energy sources. IEEE’s 2023 President Saifur Rahman stressed that the engineering community working together across all disciplines can provide solutions that have the potential to bring substantive and positive impact to the climate crisis.

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IEEE Presents Practical Engineering Approaches at COP27

The transition to new energy solutions will be a massive shift, and it is crucial that it be balanced against the continuing need to provide reliable and affordable energy sources. IEEE’s 2023 President Saifur Rahman stressed that the engineering community working together across all disciplines can provide solutions that have the potential to bring substantive and positive impact to the climate crisis.

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