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Innovative Ocean Engineering is Vital for a Sustainable Future

Ocean engineering is at the forefront of sustainable solutions for some of the most pressing environmental challenges. Innovative techniques are helping to reduce emissions as well as safeguarding oceans and waterways.

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Harnessing Digital Connectivity and 5G to Support Clean Tech

Digital connectivity has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and interact with the world. Technology advancements such as 5G are emerging as powerful tools and proving critical in enabling smart infrastructure for a cleaner future.

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Digital Connectivity and 5G are Critical Enabling Technologies

IEEE Young Professional Climate Change and Sustainability Task Force member Cybele Ghanem, a computer and telecommunications engineer, talks about how digital connectivity is an enabling technology to mitigate climate change.

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Engineers Keep Smart City Systems Secure From Cyber Attacks

By utilizing interconnected technology, Smart Cities improve the lives of their citizens. The increased reliance on digital technologies and interconnected systems also exposes critical infrastructures to cyber threats.

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