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Climate Change Mitigation

IEEE’s mission is to advance technology for the benefit of humanity. Today the world faces its largest modern-day threat—climate change. We recognize this global crisis and are committed to helping combat and mitigate the effects of climate change through pragmatic and accessible technical solutions and providing engineers and technologists with a neutral space for discussion and action.

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Coordinating IEEE’s Response to Climate Change

Dedicated Committee

The 2022 IEEE Ad Hoc Committee to Coordinate IEEE’s Response to Climate Change is identifying ongoing efforts across IEEE and collaborating with key external partners for a comprehensive response to climate change.

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Providing Technical Research Expertise

Knowing the best way to get started with developing solutions for climate change can be daunting. This is why IEEE has curated a collection of research outputs on climate change for use as a blueprint for your action plan.

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Building Technical Community

The IEEE community of engineers and technologists worldwide uses its expertise and know-how to help develop solutions for many critical climate change issues.

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